Osborne Garden

The semiformal Osborne Garden is the first space visitors pass through upon entering Brooklyn Botanic Garden via the Eastern Parkway entrance. This Italianate garden features an emerald lawn framed by wisteria-draped pergolas. It is at its most colorful and dynamic in spring, when cherries, wisteria, crabapples, and azaleas bloom in succession. In summer, a lovely variety of annual flowers bloom, giving way to fall foliage, and crabapple fruits that persist through winter. Architectural features include two sets of stone columns and curving acoustic "whispering" benches.

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Garden Layout

An illustration of garden beds.

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Osborne Garden, 1935
The boulder wall and one of the ten stone pergolas in the Osborne Garden, in 1935, shortly after they were completed. Photo by Louis Buhle.
Sakura Matsuri 2012
Azaleas in full bloom at the Osborne Garden. Photo by Mike Ratliff.
Osborne Garden
Tulips and crabapples flowering in the Osborne Garden. Photo by Elizabeth Peters.
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