Warm Temperate Pavilion

The Helen Mattin Warm Temperate Pavilion houses plants native to the Mediterranean basin, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, eastern Asia, western coastal regions of North America (mainly California), and western coastal regions of South America.

Warm temperate climates are characterized by cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Plants in these zones have special adaptations that allow them to survive seasonally harsh conditions, especially drought, and in some cases, fire. This plant collection is particularly brilliant in February and March, when its expansive selection of South African bulbs is in full bloom.


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Warm Temperate Pavilion
It may be 34 degrees outside this Groundhog Day, but it's toasty and colorful enough in the Warm Temperate Pavilion of the Steinhardt Conservatory to make you think it's spring! Photo by Rebecca Bullene
Lachenalia mutabilisi
Gorgeous color in these Lachenalia mutabilisi (Cape Cowslips) blooming this week in the Warm Temperate Pavilion in the Steinhardt Conservatory. This South African native is in the Hyacinth family. Photo by Rebecca Bullene.
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