Certificate in Horticulture

This program is designed for people who plan to pursue a career in the horticulture industries and for highly motivated home gardeners who want an in-depth understanding of plants and gardens. Horticulture certificate courses impart broad knowledge of plant growth and plant uses, with a focus on horticulture in an urban environment. Many students use the certificate to prepare for entry-level positions in the horticulture industry or to seek advancement in their current profession.

Courses combine lectures with hands-on learning and are taught at a community college level and require a significant investment of personal time in addition to class hours. You must attend two-thirds of the class sessions and achieve a passing grade (70% or higher) on the final exam or project to pass each course. Upon successful completion of all eight courses, you will receive an official Certificate of Merit from Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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Please send any questions about the Certificate in Horticulture at Brooklyn Botanic Garden to [email protected].

Course Work

Classes may be taken in any order, but it is recommended that students start with beginning courses, moving on to secondary and then final courses.

Beginning Courses

  • Botany for Horticulturists
  • Soil Management
  • Urban Garden Maintenance

Secondary Courses

  • Herbaceous Landscape Plant Identification
  • Woody Landscape Plant Identification

Final Courses

  • Plant Health Care
  • Plant Propagation
  • Urban Garden Design


Brooklyn Botanic Garden is no longer granting Certificates in Floral Design. For any inquiries regarding this change, please contact [email protected].

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